Kritika Online opens up its test server for its next update

The next patch for Kritika Online is on its way, and this time you get to try it before you… well, play it. (You’re not buying it, it isn’t for sale.) Yes, the game’s test server is open for testing out patch v401 before it goes live, although the most intensive period of testing has already passed. But the good news is that even if you missed this patch, the test server is slated to remain active in the future, so future patches will still need your testing and evaluation.

The net result is also that you can see the not-quite-final patch notes well before the patch goes live. Fractured Memories allows you a different way to advance your characters across your entire account by remixing and pulling in all of the game’s available content; success nets you points for the new account-wide Ability system along with the usual gear. There’s also new Xanadu side quests and party trading, so you’ll have plenty to do with the patch whether you jump in to test or wait for the full release.


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