RuneScape’s RuneFest features mobile clients, 2018 content plans (including the bank rework)


At this weekend’s RuneFest event in London, Jagex homed in on RuneScape’s promised mobile client and its upcoming content.

First, let’s tackle mobile. Fans in attendance were able to play the game on mobile — both the latest version of RuneScape and the Old School version, which might surprise you. The latter will be available first, in fact, coming later in 2017, while the core game will launch on the new platforms “shortly after” in 2018. Jagex has promised more details of device compatibility “over the coming months.”

Old School RuneScape is looking ahead to 2018 as well, as in January, devs will patch in the Dragon Slayer II GM quest, and in June, the game will see a new raid called Theatre of Blood.

In “real” RuneScape, players will be treated to a special competitive PvE event next month that combines two of gaming’s favorite tropes: “Transported to an alternate dimension where the dead walk across Gielinor, players must battle against the zombie horde and see who can survive the longest!”

Eventually, devs will be rolling out the long-awaited clue scroll rework, cosmetic overrides, a collection log, reward footprints, off-hand weapon skilling, the first annual beer festival dubbed Novtumberfest, combat skilling pets, the finale to the Fifth Age pirate quest storyline, deep sea fishing, safe cracking, yes we’re still going, slayer skilling, a huge coastal island called The Lost Grove, a new toughest-boss-ever called Solak, a new Dimension of the Damned mode, a Group Ironman challenge, and the bank rework. Finally. And there was much rejoicing.

“Hand on heart, it’s something we woefully underestimated, with the work involving several different teams across multiple products. We want it so much, but we refuse to give you something half-baked,” says Jagex. “It needs to be done properly, and for that we just have to wait. Perhaps the same can be said for Mining and Smithing. We share your pain – we want that to be the best it can be, and you’ve told us quite clearly in the latest ingame poll that anything other than a complete rework just won’t do. Excitingly, I can reveal that proper development work finally started on the Mining and Smithing update last week! We’re done talking about it – we’re doing it.”

Weather and guilds are also on the table in the more distant future.

Source: Press release, official site, Lost Grove landing page

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If anything, this was actually a touch light for Runefest reveals, but Jagex is following the much wiser tack of only hyping updates that they’re actively working on and intend to release in the next 6 months.

There’s a bit of controversy over at Old School Runescape, though. The Deadman Finale (a PvP-survival elimination deathmatch with a $20,000 purse) ended under suspicious circumstances. When the competition came down to the final four players, three of them suddenly disconnected, giving the win, by default, to the only connected contestant. This player is a member of Reign of Terror, a clan with a less-than-stellar reputation that’s been accused of Ddos-ing and ip-sharing in the past. The community’s pretty up-in-arms.