The Repopulation’s next patch is on the way, and so is more visual lore


Fans of The Repopulation have been waiting for the game’s next patch for a little while, but it shouldn’t be much longer now. A new post on the official forum explains that it was ultimately a matter of custom scripts executing in just the wrong ways, creating way more files to be saved and bundled with patch revisions. That’s hopefully been fixed by the new management at Idea Fabrik and is being addressed, but that’s also the reason for all of the delays.

The game’s developers are also looking to the next stage of development by revamping the game’s existing map and giving more distinct visual identities to each faction’s individual architecture. The game’s extant lore isn’t being well-conveyed visually, according to the same post, so the goal is to help reinforce and emphasize the lore and worldbuilding that’s already in place.

Last but not least, the post also notes that backer rewards are being worked on, with the important caveat that funds for those backer rewards have not actually gone to the new management in charge of the title. But they’re still a priority.

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Raimo Kangasniemi

Instead of heaping blame on Idea Fabrik for its Gordon Gekko -business style, we should ask why did it take the game over in the first place and what do those motives mean for the game, its future and anyone who plays the game?

It’s not like The Repopulation was ever expected to be a money making machine under the original team and after the hiatus the situation surely looked even worse for Idea Fabrik’s eyes too – so why?

Idea Fabrik is likely to lose money on the game, so why?

A way to test and market their technology?

Micha Spangler

Idea Fabrik ruined the Repopulation.


For the sake of $20 I spent years ago, I’d love to see this actually playable and enjoyable for a few hours anyway.

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agemyth 😩

Can’t refund this, so this overdue update is welcome. I hope they can increase the frequency of updates or at least communication soon.



This ship has sailed, there is too much negativity, animosity, and disappointment to recover. I just wish it would have actually been ported to unreal engine like purported.


Hmm… fingers crossed?


Crossed that this monstrosity dies? Yep. Me too!