Armored Warfare deep-dives the role of Armored Fighting Vehicles

Car fights.

The latest development diary on the Armored Warfare site is trying to answer a remarkably unclear question: What are Armored Fighting Vehicles? It sounds like a pretty strange question to ask, but that broad designation could include everything from tank destroyers to light tanks in a real-world context. Here, however, the AFV family consists of vehicles whose primary purpose is using their increased mobility and special ability to designate targets to serve as scouts and spotters across the battlefield.

AFVs are further divided into light and heavy categories; the former is faster and has an easier time serving as a pure spotter, while the latter is a bit more oriented toward fighting and works well at killing the former. In all cases, AFV players will need to make use of their mobility to stay alive, avoiding drawn-out gunfights in favor of zipping in, spotting, and zipping back out. Check out the full rundown for more on the battlefield role and several minor planned improvements for the AFV class in the future.

There’s also a trailer for the next episode of the game’s storyline campaign below. That’s unrelated aside from the fact that you may be exploring it in an AFV, but it’s still relevant.


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chriskovo .

Game was fun and I liked it better than WOT but there is no one playing it now. I feel jipped since I can never get into a pvp round when im the only one queued for 30 min. Wasted money on this game.

Jeff Mauney

Until they start spending money on advertising and promotions to get their server populations above double digits, it’s all for naught. I’ve watched since early beta as has fumbled the marketing of this game. A shame, as it’s really quite a good game. You just can’t get into a match because the very few people who are online are sitting in the PvE queue, and even that is usually a five minute or more wait. Switching the Euro server doesn’t improve things any, either.

Alex Js.
Kickstarter Donor
Alex Js.

I’m really surprised this game is still being written about… It’s essentially dead on “Western” markets – has basically no real interest in promoting it here, and it is barely “alive” in Russian market – people there who still care about this type of games are mostly invested into WoT (despite its numerous flaws).

P.S: I just looked on Twitch… Right now there’s only a SINGLE live streamer who streams this game, with 1 viewer. Just like I said – this game is almost dead and will not get better.