Conan Exiles takes stock a half-year from release


There is about a half of a year, we are told, before Conan Exiles leaves the semi-shelter of early access and sees if it can sustain itself as a fully launched product. It seems as good a time as any to take stock of where the game is and what needs to be done before release.

Funcom said in its weekly community letter that it is finalizing the rest of the early access roadmap and should have it to players soon. Right now, the team is mostly focused on stabilizing the Xbox One version and working to attain parity between the console and PC editions of the survival sandbox.

Additionally, Funcom is working on a variety of improvements and fixes, including keeping players from raiding containers through walls, adding in moon phases, making combat look better, and optimizing destructible building elements. There is a small patch that’s being tested and should correct a couple of reoccurring issues that players are facing, such as not getting black ice resources from their associated nodes.

Source: Conan Exiles, patch notes
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Conan Exiles takes stock a half-year from release

Average players:

First month in Feb— 21k

Now– 3k

That’s all the stock needing to be taken to reflect the poor state of that mess.


I would not take those numbers to mean much. We had a server of friends and played hard at release. But you will only build back up so many times to have it wiped. So we decided to wait until the wipes stop, then we’re back full time.


Have to agree with Solaris. My crew plays all these types of games and after we get raided a few times or the wipes happen we just move to a different game until a few months worth of updates come through. This applies to Ark, Conan, DNL, etc. so considering that, 3k aint all that bad for it’s state.

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Paragon Lost

In other words, the norm for Funcom mmos.

Arnold Hendrick

The PC version of this game needs serious help, and hasn’t been getting the fixes it has needed since Early Access began. Probably because so much of the staff is distracted by the X-Box version or TSL.

The game can and will lock up, sometimes locking up your whole PC and forcing a physical reboot of everything. Updates routinely break as many things as they fix. Dual monitors cannot be used (move your mouse to the other screen and the game freezes for at least five minutes). Chat is limited to less than 100 characters because auto-scroll doesn’t work (not for entry, and often not for display), but that’s OK, because chat entry is permanently hidden other elements of the UI, and totally unavailable on certain screens.

Meanwhile, the server environment isn’t much better. The public servers are overrun by well organized griefer groups who slaughter and destroy, their objective apparently being to ruin the fun of everyone else. Private servers often go down for days after each update, as they struggle to keep things running, especially if they are trying to support mods, which need their own updates after Funcom updates.

BOTTOM LINE: Funcom spends multiple months on polishing this potential gem into launch-worthy status. Funcom hasn’t announced this kind of work yet, so the PC launch is likely to be either (a) delayed past Q1 2018, or (b) be a very flawed launch.

Dug From The Earth

I just want them to release an easy to use and set up server package. Following the player guides out there, still dont result in my server showing up in the browser. Its 2017, this shouldnt be like configuring a linux kernal.


Yeah trying to play with even just one friend feels so not worth the hassle.

Nathaniel Downes

Hey now….

Configuring a Linux kernel is much easier than setting up a Conan Exiles server, speaking as a guy whose first Linux kernel was 1.0.13


Still hoping for npc sandboxing before release.