EVE Valkyrie’s Warzone overhaul nukes VR requirement, adds capture-the-flag mode


EVE Valkyrie’s Warzone overhaul is live today for those with $29.99 rattling around in their space piggybanks, unless you already own the game, in which case the update is freeeeeee. The new headline feature is an Overwatch-esque CTF “Extraction” mode, plus two new maps, wormhole challenges, and the promised lootboxes.

EVE: Valkyrie – Warzone includes all the content and improvements released for EVE: Valkyrie since launch while dramatically enhancing the experience for new and current players alike. It introduces a next-generation fleet of iconic ships – including the new Covert class ship, ‘Shadow’ – each one with their own distinctive role to play in battle. With new weapons – including powerful Ultra abilities – and a fully redesigned progression system for each ship, players will have more control over how they evolve their arsenal to suit their playstyle.”

CCP believes Valkyrie is the “first fully cross-platform, cross-reality videogame for VR, PC, and PlayStation 4.” VR access, by the way, is no longer a necessity for the game as of today; in fact, VR and non-VR plebes will be pew-pewing each other in perfect harmony.

Source: Press release, official site

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Is there any reason I would play thins on Playstation if I have a PC?


Game is awesome although I cant imagine why anyone would want to play without VR


Not owning it and not wanting to spend the money on it.

Knight Porter

I’ve been confused about this for a while… does Valkyrie have direct connection to EVE anywhere, or is it a mostly-separate entity? Or some sort of hybrid semi-connected like DUST?

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Shares the same universe and many art assets with Eve Online, but no deeper connection like Dust514 did.