Neverwinter gives altoholics a boost, recaps Tomb of the Nine Gods bosses

If you are constantly rolling up new alts in Neverwinter and despair at never seeing them arrive at the level cap, here’s some great news for you. In the MMO’s next patch, alts will get a leg-up using the all-new Signets of Patronage.

In a nutshell, when a player finishes one of the game’s older campaigns, he or she will have the opportunity to create one of these signets using some currency and astral diamonds. The signet can be passed along to an alt, who can activate it to zip through the campaign’s progress at twice the speed as the first time.

The newer campaigns won’t qualify for signet creation (although they will be rolled into the system when they age), and there are a few exceptions to the “double speed” rate that signets produce. Still, it sounds like a good alternative to progressing alts through this ever-expanding game. Now, if you’ll excuse us, we have our eye on a Tiefling Devoted Cleric that needs to be made.

In other Neverwinter news, PWE is positively giddy about the recently released Tomb of Annihilation and wants to make sure everybody gets to appreciate the Tomb itself – the Tomb of the Nine Gods, that is. The studio’s released a new dev blog studded with videos of each of the boss fights. Enjoy!

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Anything that helps the 60+ campaign grind is fine with me!