SWTOR plays the nerf-and-buff game with Assassins, Shadows, Sages, and Sorcs in 5.5

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The latest set of class changes for Star Wars: The Old Republic are like the circle of life. Deception Assassins and Infiltration Shadows? You’ve been overperforming! Enjoy losing damage and critical hit chance on several of your abilities so that you are closer to your expected DPS target. If you were enjoying have all of that damage… well, that’s too bad, you were doing too much.

On the other hand, Telekinetics Sages and Lightning Sorcerers? You weren’t doing enough damage. So you… also lost potency? On one attack, though; you also got a bigger damage boost for targets suffering a status ailment and you got a fixed bug to improve your overall damage. So you’re still doing better, although losing some damage when you were underperforming feels weird even if it makes perfect sense. But that’s the circle of balance, isn’t it?

Expect the changes coming in GU 5.5.

Source: Official Site (1, 2) via Dulfy

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Evan Schultheis

The changes are awful, and it shows they know nothing of balancing.

Shadows have been at the bottom of the list for raid viability since the launch of 4.0, at least. There was a brief moment from about 2.4-3.3 where they were useful, but that was it. They took away our raid utility in 4.0 by nerfing shadow’s shelter into absolute uselessness (used to be a 3% heals bonus, essentially a raid buff but actually an AOE) and what was left of it in 5.0 by taking Phase Walk away and giving it to Sorcerers (who didn’t need it at all).

Their DPS was not overpowered, because the only thing Shadows have going for them is DPS. They have no raid buff, no raid utility (other than stealth, which is rotational, and they don’t technically have a rotation), their gap closer is tied to their pseudo-rotation, and they have fewer defensives than any other class. Every raid group will pick Marauder over shadow since the buff gives a 5% damage boost to everyone in the raid, and they already outparse shadows anyways.

Furthermore shadow doesn’t have a specific DPS number – they have a range. Shadow/Assassin has two procs (maybe 3, been a while) that are RNG, they aren’t guarenteed to trigger when you use abilities in the rotation. As a result it has a priority order, not a rotation, so it’s more accurate to use a range with a high margin of error to calculate their maximum DPS. Marauder currently does 10,600 on its best spec (Carnage), and assassin was doing at its highest just over 10,500, which is where it should be, because unlike the other classes it has no raid utility. As a result, that range of 9,500 to 10,500 (with most players averaging 9800-10200, where most of the classes max DPS that are similar to shadow are) has been nerfed down to 8600 to 9800, as the reduction in crit results in a wider margin of error for the class.

Shadows either need to be given the sorcerer raid buff or need to be one of the top DPS specs in the game, since they only have raw DPS for raiding. And it really doesn’t affect PvP either, Shadows for the past 9 months we’ve been doing well have only been average in PvP, still outcompeted by classes with far more defensives and utility, such as Juggernauts, Vanguards, Operatives, and most healers paid little attention to shadows unless it was someone really good.

No matter what, the remaining position requirement needs to be removed from the class.

Kickstarter Donor

Wow you really don’t play the game. Looks like your still living in the past. Shadows/ Assassins are one of the few dominating class atm. They easily pass the dps checks in raids and are the only class I have seen get over 10 mil in a WZ.

All the dps numbers you listed are wrong. Go check the parsing site and the forums and get some current information.

Evan Schultheis

Do you seriously know what you’re even talking about?

I’ve been playing 3 years straight on Assassin/Shadow. And the DPS numbers I listed aren’t wrong. 10579 was the highest parse in 5.0-5.4. With 5.5 that will be nerfed by approximately 5.5% – or about 600 DPS. And that’s really not an accurate representation due to how the class works. Since Shadow/Assassin does not have an actual rotation it’s more of a range, since you can perform the rotation perfectly and get a 1000 DPS difference (currently).

And the forum numbers are right. Because I posted a lot of them.