Tree of Life raises a beer to a party ghost


To beer, the cause of, and solution to, all of life’s problems! This ancient proverb is the current maxim of Tree of Life, which is currently holding a special Boboo Boboo Beer Fest event for the otherwise sober and responsible players.

The Boboo Boboo Beer Fest (say that five times fast) is running through October 9th and involves players finding a party ghost for a group selfie. Yes, we just wrote “party ghost” and we are sticking with that. There are prizes for both individuals and guilds who take the best picture or video.

“Mr. Boboo is in a party mood and carries his festive vibes across mountains, deserts and forests,” some lucky sod got to write for an official post. “The tipsy ghost wanders now through the lands to announce the beginning of the BobooBoboo Beer Fest! With some tasty barley brew, ginger bread and boar sausages he invites you to share some good times and become friends!”

Tree of Life recently instituted a skin system to allow characters to wear “funny and weird costumes” for the purpose of education and jocularity.

Source: Steam
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