Blizzard releases a proper mobile app for Android and iOS

What is going on with these days — if it is still being called that this week, that is? (It is.) It turns out that Blizzard’s game platform is growing legs and strutting out into the world.

The studio released a new mobile app that ties into players’ accounts. While it won’t let you actually play any of the titles (for obvious reasons), you can use the app to access your friends list and bug them while they’re in-game. Blizzard also promoted the fact that you can “see what your friends are playing,” which smacks of stalker-talk, am I right?

“The Blizzard Mobile App lets you stay connected with your friends wherever you are. Chat with friends, see what game they’re playing, and add new ones — right from your mobile device,” the studio said.

The free app is available on both iOS and Android.

Source: Wowhead
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I love the idea. I love the app, but I expect more out of a blizzard app. I know mobile isn’t your forte, but this app is slow to send and receive messages. The iOS will notify me a message has been received, so I’ll click on the notification. It takes me to the message within the app, but a second later the literal message presents itself within the chat window. Needs to be polished up and seem less sluggish.

Edit: Also, after leaving the app, and then coming back at a later time I’m immediately being notified it’s “reconnecting…” in the chat and have to wait a few more seconds. This is really unacceptable imo.
The free version of app is now available on your Android and iOS devices using Tutuapp iOS download app.


Makes one wonder what they have in the works long term for this.

Dug From The Earth

Great… now i can see when my east coast friends start playing the new Diablo 3 season, while im stuck at work. :P

Kickstarter Donor

Like half a decade later, but better late than never.

Meanwhile, we’ve been waiting on an “appear offline” mode for the Bnet launcher since it was announced to be coming “soon” in 2012.

Blizzard-time is real, yo.

Dug From The Earth

When that happens, productivity in a LOT of work places around the globe, will drastically go down.


Great screenshot. It’s like a painting. Almost makes me want to try WoW again.

I said almost.

Kickstarter Donor

I gave up and just went back — its like going back to your home town. It’s fun / nostalgic for a while, but you know the novelty will start to wear off and you’ll want to go back to the ‘big city’ :-)

Troy Leatherman

Actually is just a painting =p