Wild Terra’s latest update adds guild storage, reset scrolls, and pet taming

Now you are my friends.

Ever feel lonesome while playing Wild Terra? No need for that with the latest patch! You can tame animals and have them follow you around, serving as your new set of best friends as you adventure through the world. Of course, the patch also adds new guild-based systems including guild warehouses to the game, so perhaps you’ll notice the difference between having lots of friends playing the game and having a small army of animals following you around, but you go to war with what you have, right?

The patch also adds in new scrolls to reset your stats, several UI confirmation windows for various actions, improvements for castles, and a large array of bug fixes. If you’ve been hoping to be able to reset your stats or just hoping that you could have an army of animals following you about at all times, this is the patch you want.

Source: Steam

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Lord Zorvan

I got this game for free and still want my money back. The reason you’ll feel lonely is because THERE’S NOONE ELSE THERE. Game is dead, game is flop. Not much wow, much bust.


Calling all UO players. If you have a nostalgic feeling about UO but have no interest in playing the original, give this a try. It isnt exactly the same, or even close, but it has the feel. The building is fun, pretty easy if you are determined. Combat is pretty simple and straight forward. All the game needs is players. Its usually under $10 and worth it. I have over 1000 hours played since May. Stop on by Sarenus and say hi to Ysho, could use a couple of more active players for the guild.

Kickstarter Donor

What are the server numbers like?


Paceum their EU PvE server is by far the largest. Im not sure what the numbers are exactly, but Sarenus where I play is pretty low pop. Been more on recently but id say if there are 20 people on Sarenus at 1 time, its bustling.

Oleg Chebeneev

Ysho from Nostalrius?