After 12 years, Minions of Mirth rides off into the sunset


Have you ever heard of this indie MMORPG called Minions of Mirth? It was put together by a small team in about a year and released in 2005. While it wasn’t the easiest game to get into and was vastly overshadowed by bigger fantasy MMOs at the time, Minions of Mirth did cultivate a devoted following partially thanks to the devs encouraging the community to tinker with the source code to help improve the game.

It was also notable for being one of the first free-to-play MMORPGs before that was a thing in the west.

Unfortunately, Minions of Mirth’s 12 year run is now at an end. A hard drive failure led to the game being taken down “indefinitely,” according to the official Twitter account. Still, it doesn’t mean that it’s the true end of the game. Minions of Mirth does feature a single-player option, which means that the community can still enjoy the game… just offline.

Check out this Atlas Obscura tour of the game from 2015 and an overview video after the break.

Source: Twitter
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