Diablo III will get absolutely no announcements at this year’s BlizzCon


Blizzard really cares about the Diablo III fanbase and the overall Diablo franchise. So what if it gets less attention than other franchises? So what if it’s gotten an alarming lack of updates since its solitary expansion? So what if the game was once referred to in a press release as “that other game we run sometimes, Devin or Derrick, some D thing?” So what if the game is going to have no announcements whatsoever at this year’s BlizzCon?

Wait, that last one is actually kind of really bad. Like, this is a problem.

Yes, Blizzard has confirmed on the forums that there will be no announcements for the franchise this year. D3 itself will have a presence, but there are no announcements coming out, so you had best put that out of your mind right now. There’s also the promise that more is coming out in the future, but when all is said and done… well, it’s hard to get one’s hopes up.

We did get plenty of announcements and new content last year thanks to the game’s 20th anniversary, but it appears we’re now retreating to the pattern from the years before that.


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