Master X Master gives love to Statesman, hate to Ghost Widow


It has been a couple of weeks since the previous Master X Master update, and while yesterday’s patch doesn’t deliver much in terms of new content, it’s still vital to process due to all of the changes levied against the game’s heroes.

It’s a mixed bag, to be honest. Demenos, Innowin, Dr. Raoul, Rytlock, Merope all are contending with some slight tweaks to attacks and heals to keep things tight in this competitive game. It’s a little amusing to see that City of Heroes’ Statesman came out of this patch with a buff, while Ghost Widow saw two of her skills nerfed.

The team also informed players that the Natium defense line has added weekly and monthly missions, so there’s a new wheel to spin!

Source: Patch notes

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It’s so hard to see her in that picture and not be instantly pissed, followed by depression.

As much as I want to try out the new GW2 expansion I have decided that NcSoft no longer deserves my money. Not after what happend with CoH and TR.

I miss my controllers and masterminds so much. I miss the IP. I miss the stories and the characters, the amazing art design on the heroes and villains. the clever names and costumes of players. the amazingly helpful community.

None of the current superhero online games have been able to duplicate what city of heroes did, and everytime i see a picture of ghost widow or stateman or any of those amazing characters i die a little inside.

why must you hurt me so, massivelyop?