SkySaga locks down official site following development halt, posts ‘nothing can be said for certain’


Just in case you were wondering, it’s still a puddle of sadness and despair over at SkySaga. Following the online game’s abrupt development halt in August due to its publishing partner pulling out, fans have held on to a thin thread of hope that, somehow, the project would be revived.

It’s not looking exactly promising right now. The official site was recently locked down, cutting off access to the forums and other content. Only a reprise of the announcement is able to be read:

Smilegate apologises for any confusion caused due to recent events. The development of SkySaga has been put on hold for now. We would like to extend our gratitude to all the fans of SkySaga who have participated in the development of the game. As to the future of SkySaga, all we can say is that nothing can be said for certain at this moment. We will be sure to let all of our dedicated fans know as soon as there is any update on this front.
Source: SkySaga. Thanks Uli!

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Lieutenant BaconWaffles

If anything else, I hope Radiant Words can at least make another game with the exact same art style & color palette. This is the 2ed MMO I was playing that SmileGate has shitcanned, & the last one was one they acquired & shut down despite a large existing player base. Now I just see that publisher as a murderer & a baby thief, irregardless of their owning the IPs.

Anyway, Minecraft was a genre starter. Saying everything is a Minecraft clone is like calling every MMORPG on the market a WOW clone or calling every RTSRPG a Diablo clone. Radiant Worlds & Trion did have one big key similarity with Mojang though, & that was interacting with their alpha testers. RW took player suggestions & requests into consideration & slowly implemented them into the game. Trion let their gamers make the Trove items themselves & submit them for review on Reddit. Maybe RW’s biggest flaw in SmileGate’s eye was that they weren’t charging for anything (at least during the time I was playing), No loot boxes, no patron status, no XP boosters, no rentals, no stat boosting gear, no speed boosting mounts, no gachapon.

RW had really good PR & a vibrant pastel cartoony style with that appealed to me right away. Something Skysaga had that Trove & Minecraft didn’t was killer weather conditions. Something about trying not to fry in the desert or freeze in the tundra added a whole new level of challenging fun that I really miss. & Minecraft Creepers had NOTHING on Skysaga’s terrifying spitting giant purple flower things, especially if they spawned in groups. Trove’s boons were the +Jump stat that, with enough of it, basically let you fly, & underwater breathing. I used to bounce back & forth between the two games because my PC is a dinosaur.

If SmileGate sits on this IP like they did with Trickster, at least I’ll remember it as “the pretty blocky game that fried my 3ed graphics card.”


I miss it. :( Can’t even get myself to delete it. It is now sitting there in my games folder together with Legends of Norrath and Landmark (and some alive games).
I was so hoping for the beta to start soon. The new cloud blocks alone made me itch to start playing building with, I had so many ideas what I could do with them!
I mean LOOK at this:

Jack Kerras

The last couple whacks of moment-to-moment play changes they made to SkySaga weren’t my favorite, but overall, I spent a lot of time in that game and enjoyed basically all of it.

Progression was pretty screwed. You really suffered the first time you went to a given biome. The tutorial was immensely long and required a ton of just hanging out at your base and building stuff. There were problems for sure.

…there was also a really charming, amusing game there. I had a wonderful time, and I hope someone manages to haul their collective head out of their ass and put the damn thing up for sale. Generate some revenue, continue development.

Having a game that wiped folks for years and years in an MMO environment is pretty rough; it was initially in alpha, for sure, but even so there’s a point where you’ve got to move on and grandfather some dumb stuff in just to keep your folks happy. I still have an old Rhino Vanguard Helmet in Warframe, and they haven’t taken it from me despite the fact that it is basically the best goddamn thing in the game.

You can consider that a cost of having folks test for you; a few wildly unbalanced things on the handful of folks who have been with you since the beginning isn’t -really- a major issue when it comes to co-op games, and stats in PvP ought to be universally, unequivocally normalized in any case.

Rheem Octuris

This game is basically ready for release. Just slap a $20 price tag on it and send it over to Steam.


Pretty much.

Don’t know what they were waiting on. Except for like zero community, the game felt finished.

Except for some way to monetize it.

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Unfortunately this game was meant to be an MMO, and lacking community is a fatal flaw. The game still need a couple of iterations on player interaction and monetization fronts, and that’s unlikely happen now.

Lieutenant BaconWaffles

It worked pretty well as a single player game. & I gotta say, no matter what MMORPG I’ve played, almost everyone is soloing, whether they want to or not. Might as well just start calling them MSORPGs with optional interaction. lol

Lieutenant BaconWaffles

To be honest, I was fine with it as it was earlier on. It didn’t really need a story mode (though the daily quests were nice) just keep adding furniture & fixing bugs.

Kane Hart

Wow, I wish I had played it in the last Alpha. I decided to wait for the Beta? or maybe called release version. Did some videos on it was a fun little game I don’t think it could give me 1000’s of hours of enjoyment that I would at least “think in my mind for a MMORPG”. But would of enjoyed it either way to play through the progression.