Path of Exile patches in new language support with 3.0.2

It is entirely possible that you speak English but don’t really have that as your primary language. Yes, you can read English texts, but in your heard you feel far more comfortable with another language, presumably the one you grew up with. And good news for you if you’re in that boat, because Path of Exile’s next patch is rolling out preliminary support for Spanish, French, and German versions of the game, thus allowing more people to enjoy the game in their native tongues.

If the only language you understand is English, of course, that’s going to have minimal impact on your playtime. That’s all right, though; you can still enjoy the plethora of bug fixes with the patch, and if you’re playing on Xbox One you can pick up some new DLC armor to boot. It may not be a patch with a great deal of new in-game content, but it’s still pretty significant.


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