Armored Warfare reorients its business model to ‘improve overall ecosystem health’


If you were one of the folks who suspected the Cloud Pirates sunset was intended to divert resources to’s other games, well, today’s Armored Warfare announcements won’t help change your mind: The studio has a producer’s letter out today detailing some major changes for the game, including for its business model.

For starters, plans to unbundle bundle packages in the cash shop, allowing players to buy vehicles as standalone purchases. Players will be able to purchase premium time; prices will be unified across regions (“an item costing 9.99 USD on the NA server will cost 9.99 Euro on the EU server”), and “gold bundles will also be adjusted,” though currency conversion will continue on at the same rate as now.┬áThe company’s also promising new vehicles, available for real money initially before in-game currency, as well as a “regular, shifting plan of ‘standard’ activities” every week, which sounds a bit like dailies.

“Once the first phase is set in and working well, we will start working on creating deeper, more engaging in-game activities for special occasions. We will also start to try to create a more agile engagement plan. This should start kicking off sometime early in 2018.”

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