Catch up with Legends of Aria’s final alpha with a town hall Q&A and a fresh start guide

Everyone comes to our house.

The word “final” certainly attracts the attention, which is perhaps why there’s this excited buzz around Legends of Aria’s final alpha. The test kicked off last week with a slew of new features and content, attracting plenty of founds back after a summer drought.

If you’re curious about this title, have questions, or are trying to figure out how to play it, we are here for you today. After the break we’ve got the latest developer town hall Q&A session as well as the adventures of our own MJ as she heads into the game for a fresh start. Check them out!

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Daniel Miller

i own this game. Logged in a few days ago, I couldn’t do much, barely even walk around and absolutely no idea what the hell to do. After an hour of trying to walk, I logged out and think it was the worst 40 dollar mmo i backed.


isn’t a themepark what u want then?

Jeff Lewis

Uh, right click seemed to get me moving around.


There is point and click movement, WASD movement, and holding right mouse button available to use to move. Not sure if you are saying it was laggy or you literally couldn’t figure out how to move.

The game does not hold your hand like most other MMOs. This one you actually go out and make your own fun. If you lack the imagination for this type of game then it may just not be for you. There are plenty of other hand holding MMOs out there.