Crowfall goes over the history and perks of Humans and Elves


Even Crowfall, as progressive as it is with its racial choices, must bow to the ironclad law of MMOs that state, “Every fantasy game must contain, at the bare minimum, a human and Elf playable race.” So it is written, so it is obeyed.

That doesn’t mean that Crowfall’s take on these races is quite so stereotypical. This week’s dev blog outlines the history and lore behind these two species and their sub-races. Humans and Nethtari are quite similar, although the latter’s fire runes and superiority complex sets them apart. Likewise, a true nerd will learn and memorize the variations between High Elves, Sun Elves, Moon Elves, and Wood Elves. Together, they form the great houses of Hogwarts, right?

Crowfall’s racial picks aren’t just cosmetic; each species has its own inherent passive and active perks. For example, Humans toggle on a damage boost, Nethtari sport a fire DoT, High Elves have greater intellect, and Wood Elves can camouflage. Which will you choose?

Source: Crowfall

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Melissa McDonald

I ponder sometimes why western fantasy always has someone with pointed ears. What’s the significance of that, why do we always do it, etc.? What is western civilization’s fascination with pointy ears?

Just like I believe there isn’t a real Sasquatch, but I believe mankind has a collective unconscious/race memory buried of a time when Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal coexisted. To us, Neanderthal would have seemed to be a kind of ape man, and in many ways would fit the general description. So, when we aren’t sure what we just saw, our minds fill in something we can relate to…

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Better elves than dwarves, though guinea pigs aren’t a whole lot better than the latter.

Russell Hunt

Ugh just release already.

Kickstarter Donor

Together, they form the great houses of Hogwarts, right?

And here I thought they’d join together to form Captain Planet or something.