Square-Enix launches its new mobile MOBA Flame vs. Blaze


Some game titles don’t make a whole lot of sense to us. The new MOBA from Square-Enix, Flame vs. Blaze, is one such title. These are not really opposing forces, you see. But does that really matter? What matters is that it’s a 3v3 MOBA title on your iPad or iPhone, allowing you to indulge in quick MOBA-style combat from the comfort of your handheld device. That alone sounds pretty worthy.

Of course, maybe the prospect of a MOBA alone isn’t enough to entice you, but the game has its own unique mechanics as well. The characters you use in the game can transform into alternate forms, providing multiple sets of abilities as you recruit monsters, gather resources, and lead a fierce charge against the other team. Check out a whole lot of art and screenshots just below, and don’t feel left out if you’re on an Android device; release for the platform is planned for November.

Source: Square-Enix press release

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Oh great. Another ad to be played in front of every single YouTube video with a scantily clad woman pretending to play the game. I mean I was finally starting to see something other than the last final fantasy mobile game.

Square-Enix spends more on ads than actually building good games.

Robert Mann

Flame vs. Blaze… the voting tally of the descriptions of “Yet another MOBA” induced heartburn begins!

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Toast vs. Bread!
Trees vs Leaves!
Sky vs Air!

The possibilities of like-noun-combat are endless!

Michael Fuchs

If you’re looking it up on iOS, you actually need to look up FLAME VERSUS BLAZE.

Mr Poolaty

Trash… If they woulda made an I don’t know a final fantasy, Dragon quest moba I think it woulda been a lot better this is just another junk game put out by a AAA company… Something I would’ve expected an unknown company to produce…