Wild Buster runs limited alpha test while continuing to raise funds


We’ve been covering Wild Buster with a mixture of interest and amusement, as this patchwork MMO is a little too weird and inexplicable to ignore. Now you can play it, too, assuming you’ve chipped in some cash to get the game made.

Backers of the game can jump into Wild Buster Starring Duke Nuke ‘Em For Real thanks to a limited-run alpha test. The test started yesterday and will run through October 9th, giving players a taste of this isometric action MMO.

The press release outlines what activities are available for players during this alpha: “For a whole week, they’ll get to defend the planet, try out the 14 unique heroes belonging to either the Guardians or Abandon factions, group up for co-op gameplay to explore the world of Wild Buster: Heroes of Titan and raid dungeons, all while slashing through hordes of The Broken.”

Wild Buster’s Indiegogo campaign (discount link but not an affiliate link, as explained here) has a few more weeks left in its run to raise a hopeful $10,000. As of the time of this writing, the game has drawn in $4,250 from fans helping to push the MMO across the finish line.

Source: IndiegogoSteam

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