Free Realms ‘Sunrise’ emulator prepares for second alpha test


Last year, almost three years after SOE shut down Free Realms for good, a group of players announced that it was resurrecting the title in emulator form. Last March’s alpha test came and went, and now a second test is on the way, expected to include character creation and customization, NPCs, female toons, and a new spawn location. The player devs are also celebrating 5000 members organizing on Discord.

“This Discord server has reunited a decent portion of the community that was nearly lost after the game closed. The continued support from both the FRS staff team who work as volunteers, and the community makes it apparent that the sunset of Free Realms was not left ignored. All the community support for the revival of Free Realms really motivates us as a team to keep moving forward! Things have been a bit quiet lately, but don’t fret. We are still hard at work preparing Alpha 2, and once that happens, we’ll open the game up to a lot more people! We would like to thank everyone here who is supporting this project and being patient with us while we continue to develop the game.”

It doesn’t appear Daybreak has given its legal blessing on the project, but the studio has traditionally turned a blind eye to emulators for all of its games and indeed has endorsed one for the EverQuest franchise.

Source: Discord. With thanks to our lovely former colleague and friend-of-the-site Karen Bryan for the tip!
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Lord Zorvan

“…but the studio has traditionally turned a blind eye to emulators for all of its games and indeed has endorsed one for the EverQuest franchise.”

You’re confusing SOE under Sony with D-BaG under Columbus Nova. While D-BaG and CN won’t go after the EQ emu simply because previous permission for that one particular franchise can be successfully argued does not in any way, shape, or form create an expectation for new emu’s to be approved and/or ignored. And no, don’t bring the SWG emu into the equation, as it was ignored primarily as it was out of SOE’s hands to really do anything when they themselves no longer had any rights to the IP, and also likely out of spite for same said reason. LucasArts/Disney are the only ones who could legitimately shut that one down.


There are a few games I barely remember from when I was pretty young that I’d love to play now that no longer exist. Personally I think both of them would work well on mobile of today. Our mobile devices could easily handle this stuff and I think they’d have pretty decent resurrections on mobile if they were brought back. This is one of them.

The other one I think would do even better on mobile was a browser game released right when browser games were on the way out. It was an amazing game and I got to play cats in it which I loved. That was Faunasphere. I think that would do awesome on mobile today and someone should buy the rights to it honestly.

Castagere Shaikura

Wow didn’t even know about this. I played Free realms with my nieces. They loved this at the time. I wonder now that they are older if they would like this.

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Turning a blind eye is why I’ll always have respect for Smed even though I’ve had my thoughts about his management style, this is one thing I’ll gladly praise him for.
I hope the new management thinks along the same lines.

Chris Moss

Really can’t wait for this to go live again. I first found it, while trying to find a kid friendly game on my PS3 for my niece. I have to admit, it was pretty fun. I enjoyed playing the racing game with my niece. I hope they finish it up before the end of the year.

Indigo Salma

Will wait til its fully playable. I miss this game so much , i really loved the combat content and the minigames revolving around cooking and crafting.
Mages Forever !