The Exiled lets players in for unlimited free-to-play trial play

So long.

So, how did The Exiled‘s Survival Mode experiment work out? Not well enough, according to the latest update from the developers. It was interesting, but not good enough. So the team is heading back to the drawing board to make plans for the future, but in the interim the game is open for everyone to play for free as long as you don’t want the supporter pack bonuses. So you lose out on multiple character slots and extra skins, but you can play for free.

The three-hour window for play is also being removed; the team found that far from encouraging encounters, it just stopped people from playing the game. What happens next is an open question, as there is currently no convincing plan for the future of the title. Until there is one, there will be bug fixes but no major changes; with no exact date for any convincing plan to emerge, it’s anyone’s question what will happen with the game from here on out.

Get caught up on the game’s ups and downs since its launch:

Source: Steam; thanks to Austin for the tip!


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Glad to see that they aren’t willing to give up just yet.

It wasn’t good as Das Tal.
It wasn’t good as The Exiled.
Third times a charm!


The article here doesn’t mention it, so I don’t blame anyone for their confusion, but if you look at the actual Steam post from the devs, this update isn’t actually going live with the servers open 24/7 again until Friday, October 6th. That’s why the servers still show as down when you try, as it’s still technically on the 3 hour-per-day survival test mode.

Oleg Chebeneev

Both servers are offline. I did a tiny tutorial which was pretty terrible.
All in all I think their biggest mistake was to create MMO as their first game project. If they made simple survival game with this graphics style and combat, put reasonable price tag on it, it could sell.


I think their problem was to try to grab the MOBA PvP centric crowd into this design.

It has art style and combat design that could easily work well in a rpg. I think their problem was trying not trying to make it a full mmorpg experience.

Oleg Chebeneev

Those devs have no idea how to make fun MMORPG experience, so trying to make “full mmorpg” wouldnt work either


Ouch. At these numbers, I don’t know if free to play is likely to do anything.

Oleg Chebeneev

Ok, time to give this game a try. I’ll tell what I think about it when I play it