Crowfall devs on why they don’t make their soft launch production checklist public


Happy October: It’s time for another Crowfall Q&A. ArtCraft’s Thomas Blair and Mark Halash and sit down to answer questions from high-end Crowfall backers. Of note, they cover multiple skill trays, exploration trees, bow content, particle effects, double-dipping skill trees, tome caps, win conditions in testing vs. final, and harvesting tools. Respecs are still on the table (it’s a post-launch feature), and vessel-swapping is hoped to make it into the 5.4 test. The duo further address the extreme lag from the last test, admitting that new stuff being tested is still being optimized, hence the slowdowns.

They also answer a provocative question about a checklist and production schedule for the soft launch. “There’s definitely a schedule,” Blair says. “Do we share it? No! Because we don’t want our feet held to the fire for everything little thing that we have to rearrange.

“For us it’s kind of a living document. Some things have to slip around, like, ‘Hey, this thing that we planned to do two milestones out just became super easy, or we had to do it anyway to get to the thing we wanted to do.’ And that happens all the time. So we get pretty transparent after we do a thing and when it’s at a very high level, but we’re not going to give you ‘here’s our schedule; hold us to these things.'”

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