Guild Wars 2 developers take players along for a Path of Fire trek

It’s a unique experience to be able to sit down and watch developers play the very game they made. Even if it gives you only a different perspective, sometimes it is worth the time to watch and learn a few new tricks.

Guild Wars 2’s development team recently took an hour out of its schedule to send a few members on a trek through Path of Fire and record the proceedings. Community Manager Rubi Bayer, Lead Designer Mike Zadorojny, and Game Designer Clayton Kisko sit down in front of the camera to get a little silly and subsequently explore the gorgeous new lands of the expansion.

Check it out after the break, and then get caught up on our own impressions a week in!

Source: YouTube
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Bryan Turner

I don’t know about you but I can never make GW2 look that good, I use reshade too the GW2 Hook version.


I am enjoying PoF much more than I ever thought I would and it’s because it has that GW1 feel and the community is awesome.

Rubi and Gale are probably the two best community managers in the industry, I really wish Zenimax and Bioware would sit down and look at what these two are doing to foster a good community.

Bryan Turner

As long as you stay in the open world and away from Raiding. Perhaps I spend too much time on the Forums and Reddit, might be skewing my opinion, but even in map chat I’ve had toxic pricks say git gud when ever I get frustrated and mention it in map chat (makes me want to say to them go back to WoW).

Knox Harrington

Yes the raiding community in GW2 is very elitist, more so than just about any other MMO right now.

Bryan Turner

Its a shame, raiding really ruined the community.

Dragon Whimsy

It didn’t ruin the community, it’s still one of the best MMO communities out there. Today’s elite raiders are yesterday’s speed clear dungeon runners. That element is always going to be there in any MMO and even in GW2’s first year it was there. It was also always there in the PvP community.

The difference between GW2 and many other games is that content isn’t the primary content focus of the game’s development. The open world and story are and that community is much more accepting and fun to be around.

Also I know that you are very harsh about raiding here, and if you came in with that general attitude in general map chat in the game (I’m not saying you did) then obviously that community would have a strong reaction.

There is actually a discord channel you can join for beginner raiders. They’re all about teaching the community to raid. You can find it here:


I have to say I agree with you Terren, GW2 raid content isn’t the games primary focus and neither is it in ESO, the difference is GW2 has an extremely polite thoughtful forum community and one of the most helpful in game communities I have seen.

ESO on the other hand has Joe’s angry army consistently trolling the forums and in game you have people blowing each other crap for the unforgivable offenses like wearing a costume or a riding a certain horse.

SWTOR is basically where all the SWG nutters went to complain.

I tried explaining causality of toxicity in MMo’s to a friend that is new them a couple months back, after realizing how embarrassed I was for most of our community I just had her download the Free GW2 account and after a few days of playing and re learning the game, I decided the mean girl environments of the other ones just wasn’t worth it, and being around more helpful polite players have made me less nasty to others online and that’s a good thing

Now if you’ll excuse me I have a giant Bunny thing to ride.