Standing Stone defends LOTRO lootbox plans

Pretty cheesed off over Lord of the Rings Online’s plans to stuff best-in-slot gear into lootboxes with the upcoming instance cluster? Don’t hold your breath waiting for Standing Stone Games to back down.

The studio posted a couple of responses to the furor over the decision, basically justifying the move and indicating that no changes would be made. Executive Producer Robert Ciccolini posted this yesterday:

Our goal is that you can earn — while playing the game — all statistical bonuses that you can get from lootboxes. In the case of the vendor rings, they will also have a chance to drop in the upcoming raid. That drop can also upgrade, so upgraded rings will be possible to obtain in game. We realize that having a short period where they are in the lootboxes before the raid is available is not ideal, but players will be able to get upgraded rings in game. If players find other statistical bonuses in lootboxes that cannot be duplicated in game they should definitely bring them here.

Edit: One point of clarification; there are upgraded items in the raid that are better than anything a player can get with a lootbox.

Responding to a player who asked why such loot should be included in LOTRO’s version of lockboxes, Ciccolini answered today, “So players that prefer the solo and small group end game can obtain loot, in addition to or instead of raiding. The lootboxes are an in-game system that rewards loot to people who participate in various end game activities. It also allows raiders to supplement their loot drops by doing some of the solo and end game content, so they don’t feel that there is no reason to revisit that once they start doing group activities.”

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