Wild Buster adds Serious Sam to its character lineup

Why is this world.

Wild Buster is quickly becoming the home of old action FPS mascots with nothing else to do, like a version of The Expendables that’s somehow more self-indulgent. The game already has Duke Nukem on its lineup, but now Serious Sam has joined the lineup, allowing players to… well, shoot things. A lot. This is a character known for shooting things, not for his rich and fulfilling inner life.

It’s entirely possible that he has one, obviously, but players weren’t ever exposed to it. Unless we missed Serious Sam: An Examination of Proust somewhere along the way.

Much like the Duke, Sam is being added to the game at a later date, so don’t expect to jump into the game and immediately see him waiting for you. But he’s going to be there, if you really have a deep attachment to the character and just want to shoot something with him, anything. It is a game all about shooting, after all.

Source: Insel Games press release

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