Neverwinter details more items to be found in the lands of Chult

Cool weapon.
When you’re in a rush to leave somewhere, you forget things. Totally normal and natural, right? But Neverwinter presents a unique case for adventurers defending Port Nyanzaru from incoming raiders. See, once adventurers successfully push back yuan-ti or batiri attacks, they’ll find that the attackers have left things behind. Like weapons, and mounts, and even some batiri members who were just a little bit too slow to get away.

If they hadn’t forgotten their mounts, they might not have been too slow, though. It’s a circular problem.

Of course, among the weapons that might be left behind are the powerful Skull Lord Staves, which were long thought lost. And players can also pick up new styles of weapons, new Stronghold decorations, and new PvP gear. In short, there’s lots of good stuff to be found in Chult, and sometimes attackers just leave it lying around after the fact before explaining that they “forgot” to bring it back.


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