Digital Extremes to open a new studio in Toronto

Pictured: Probably not Toronto.
The studio behind Warframe is riding the success of that game until it runs out of rail, because why would they not? A new Digital Extremes studio is opening up in Toronto next month, just two hours away from its existing headquarters in London, Ontario. That might seem like it’d almost be easier to just make the London studio larger, but considering that there’s a great deal of development talent already in Toronto and it’s easier not to commute two hours on a daily basis, this way might work better.

We know for a fact that the new studio will be focused on game development, although it remains to be seen if the focus will be on further Warframe content or the recently announced The Amazing Eternals. Keep your eyes peeled for more developments and further news as events warrant.


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Raimo Kangasniemi

London once supposedly had ‘the highest concentration of serial killers on Earth’. It’s only stake for fame beyond the OHL team London Knights. Not the easiest place to attract talent beyond ice hockey…


I’ll be interested in hearing if this studio will be working on new games, or if the Amazing Eternals team will be moving to that office to give both games’ teams more space to grow. Either is a win in my book.


Yay for more local studios!

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Bývörðæįr mòr Vas´Ðrakken

considering if they were based out of demon festival city itself, no wonder they issues. Toronto is more expensive to live in, but the food is safer to eat. I remember trying to drive back to Toronto from London ON a couple times in the snow, it is interesting to say the least. Hopefully with the new constructions in Toronto and upswing it gets easier to work and live in Toronto. Still they might want to remember Toronto is open film city.

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But will they let random people walk into the new offices and sit through a day of meetings without anybody noticing? : P