Prosperous Universe is an indie sci-fi sandbox MMORPG focused on player economy


So here’s an MMO we’ve never heard of before: It’s called Prosperous Universe. It’s super duper indie alpha browser-based massively online game, with single-shard tech, a focus on trading and economy, and of course, a military component – a “high-level meta game” that dev Michael Olp tells us revolves around orbital and planetary structures.

“Imagine a game world with hundreds of stars, thousands of planets and asteroids, new colonies, huge empires and — you. A tiny little company, owning a few ships, barely enough money to buy fuel for your next jump. What would you do? Would you try your luck in one of the asteroid fields mining for rare ores? Would you sell your ships, your cargo and everything else to start trading in one of the large trading hubs? Would you want to become a respected designer of modern space ships? Or would you do anything to become the leader of one of the large corporations to scheme plans on how to wage trade wars against your enemies? Whatever you decide to do, it will leave a mark in the persistent world of Prosperous Universe and have consequences for you and everyone else.”

It’s pretty much got “Bree, come be a Star Wars space trucker” written all over it, and I’m digging the positive name for a change. But while we’re going to kick up a dev video down below and point to the features roadmap, let us also note that there’s no in-game demo or pics just yet. On the other hand? The tiny German Simulogics team also isn’t asking for money just yet. It’s one to keep an eye on!

Source: Official site, press release

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This lost me at browser based. We’re in 2017.

John Mclain

We are LONG past the era of mmos being text based menu simulators. Not every game needs to look like the witcher 3, but you do require basic interactive graphics these days to hope to have players.


Looks like a bit above excel to me (and you can do a lot in excel, trust me). I’m not a “tables and lists for sparetime” person but wish them good luck.


I don’t know if I’d call this a MMORPG. There’s been a metric shit ton of these Browser based games that are largely text based with very minimal graphic representation going around for a super long time. I used to play one identical to this but I forget it’s name.


Someone tell them not to come up with any clever ideas!

They’ll force Christ Roberts to assert that he’d planned to include that all along as he furiously rewrites most of the code they’ve actually developed.


…the name of this game almost sounds like it was hatched out on Ferenginar. o.O

Robert Mann

Browser based text game, effectively, it seems. The idea of space-economy without so much ‘pew pew you dead rofl!’ isn’t bad, but part of what makes games interesting is missing there, at least for me.

Patreon Donor

brwoser based still has me running for the hills even tho my first “mmo” (utopia) was browser based. but it was also html text based lol.