Secret World Legends recaps Orochi Tower, plots upcoming adjustments

The Orochi Tower is where the story of Tokyo ends in Secret World Legends, a familiar fact to anyone who has played through this story before. But there will be some changes compared to the original version of this content, so even if you think you know the story you want to pay attention. You can check out a recap run-through of the gameplay in the video just below, or you can also catch up with a summary of information from the most recent development livestream.

Or you can check out the latest official dispatch, which also talks about future balance changes for the game, notably including the removal of AoE damage penalties from weaponry. Assault Rifles in particular suffered from a lack of single-target options that brought down their damage in several situations, so the changes are meant to make the weapons more viable in a fight. The game continues to steam along nicely, so it should be for the benefit of everyone that viability and overall balance is still being examined closely.

Source: YouTube, Official Site, SWL Roleplayers; thanks to Sophiskiai for the tip!

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FYI the new Cache’s wont have any Epic weps. If you have a wep in mind, best grab it now, once the quantities drop, prices will start to skyrocket.


One of the things I liked in TSW was the choices you made at the end of the New England / Egypt / Transylvania story missions getting a pay-off at the end of Orochi Tower, and I’m very disappointed that in SWL (if I’m understanding the devstream summary correctly) not only will the difference be purely cosmetic but you can buy the cosmetic versions you didn’t get with Aurum! This sort of thing removes the feeling that my character’s story choices have any actual consequence.

Also, why does anyone on the Funcom webteam thinks it’s a good idea to continue hiding “latest news” on the last page of a post marked Sept 23rd? o.O

John Artemus
John Artemus

I actually logged into SWL last night for the first time in a couple months or so. I tried to make a new character but saw that I couldn’t customize my character’s look. There were only preset faces to choose from and all of them were terrible. My main was a toon I actually transferred over from TSW. They had some sort of one-time transfer if I remember correctly. So I didn’t have to make a new character from scratch. Or maybe I did and it was just the gear and outfits I had? Honestly, can’t remember. All I know is my main in SWL looks exactly the same as she did in TSW.

This new character was the first.

I did a quick google search and found that this is an ongoing complaint from the community. What an odd thing to remove from a game. That’s like basic MMO stuff. Then I checked the official SWL subreddit and saw the tone of the FC community managers and devs was just over the top arrogant and unprofessional. Rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. So yeah I think I’m done with SWL and will probably uninstall it.

This is a pretty bad “re-launch”.

Paarthurnax Dragonhearth

Funcom Plan for Success ( For the Sheep Minded people )

1. Re release game with minor changes ( A patch’s worth )

2. Market game as the new coming of Secret World Jesus …

3. Profit of Sheep

4.WiN !

You people are ….. uhhh …

Bruno Brito


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I‘m still wondering about the whereabouts of the marketing push they spoke of around launch.


You need a marketing department to do that.