Hearthstone opens up registration for hosting Hallow’s End gatherings

Is there anything like celebrating Hallow’s End by sitting around and playing Hearthstone? Not according to the developers behind the game, although they might be biased. The latest dispatch on the official site is all about helping players either join or host fireside gatherings for the best holiday in autumn, a Halloween celebration by any other name. Gatherings can take place any time between October 9th and November 5th, so there’s plenty of time to make this happen.

Sanctioned events will also be able to distribute the new Nemsy Necrofizzle hero to players who take part in a fireside brawl at the event. Nemsy will be available from October 17th on, so you’ll want to schedule any events later in the month to attract prospective players. And if you’re not up for hosting the event yourself, hey, you can always attend one and wind up with the same rewards in the end.

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