Junkrat is exploding into Heroes of the Storm

Junkrat is exploding into Heroes of the Storm

The parade of Overwatch characters porting straight over to Heroes of the Storm continues with the latest addition to the game, Junkrat. How does he play? Like Junkrat, that’s how. He throws around lots of bombs and makes things blow up and laughs at inappropriate times. That’s his whole deal, guys, it’s not like Overwatch has a rich narrative history to draw upon.

Oh, you were curious about mechanics? In that case you can hop down below and check out the preview video, that might be more straightforward.

Junkrat’s ability include the huge knockback of Concussion Mine (it can even fling people over terrain) and the bouncing explosive fun of Frag Grenades. If you’re familiar with the character in Overwatch, you’ll have a pretty clear picture of the general tone of his abilities if not the specifics; check out the preview before to see him blowing things up with style.

Source: YouTube via Blizzard Watch

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i cant wait for this one!!!

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Jack Pipsam

Just like Overwatch he looks really annoying to play against, great.


It is the theme of most Overwatch heroes in HotS unfortunately.