Star Wars: The Old Republic GU 5.5 ‘United Forces Foundation’ is live

Hey, Star Wars fans. I know you’re kinda busy with that trailer for Episode VIII and all, but if you actually want to play some MMO Star Wars between now and December, Star Wars: The Old Republic is probably your jam. And good news: It’s just patched up!

Yep, 5.5 is live today with the promised prepwork for United Forces, the massive server merge update coming in November. This leg of the patch adjusts stronghold caps, stronghold cutscenes, and the commanding legacy perk that ups your command experience bonuses, plus the server interface is already seeing a spruce-up that may panic folks who don’t read the patch notes before they log in:

“In preparation for United Forces, the server select interface has been updated to only show five servers at a time. If a player needs to access a server which is not displayed, the scroll wheel will move through the list. Servers are displayed by last used, number of characters, and server name.”

There’s also a double rewards event running until the 17th, a whole bunch of class balancing tweaks, and bug fixes galore. Oh, and lucky you: The cash shop UI has improved. Yay!

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More stuff that no one really asked for, you should mention in the article that Bioware released info in the most recent roadmap about the new cxp boost at 300, but failed to tell anyone that you have to get each class to 300 to get the 100% boost (since they adjusted the dailies back down to normal cxp payouts), oh I forgot to mention, the cxp boost does not apply to characters at level 300. More fluff and no real content, amazes me this game is still around.

Patch 5.5: Nerfs and Other Silly Changes


Hmm. Well, it sounds good, especially if they can knock out bugs more efficiently this way. They’ve done this before, in fact. I’m curious about the hype this time. After all, this patch isn’t 5.5. Not really.


Episode VI? Return of the Jedi’s coming out? Is it 1983 again? Please?


Brain fart :P