The Division is rolling out patch 1.8 for console testing

Whether or not, etc.

Console players eager to test out the next addition to The Division are finally getting the chance to do so… in small numbers. The game’s console test server has opened up, but while the PC server lets in anyone who wants to test, only a limited number of players are invited in for the console testing. If you’re not one of those lucky souls, well, you’re just out of luck and will have to wait for a full release to experience everything in patch 1.8.

You can, however, check out the patch notes for the test server on the official site either way. There are a lot more ways to get D-Tech now (even outside of the Dark Zone), bugs have been squashed, quality of life has been improved, new restock points have been added to the West Side Pier… you get the idea. There’s no assurance you’ll be able to test all of that on console, but it is coming.

Source: Official Site via VG24/7

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I continue to like what I see in this patch. Tried the global update stuff when it went back into effect last week and it was kinda alright, but I’m desperate for new content and/or improvements to Underground so I can actually get groups for it.

Now to hope we get this sooner rather than later, it continues to creep closer and closer to Destiny 2’s launch date on PC and that’s going to eat Divisions lunch for a while, and it’s definitely going to eat up a large chunk of my time.


Destiny 2 apparently runs out of content fast though, as hype has pretty swiftly died down for it. Plus I’ve seen plenty of complaints about that, and apparently the update schedule with DLCs and the like is going to be very slow.

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I’m fine with that, and that’s actually a pretty good thing IMO. I plan on sinking plenty of time in, but if there really is a relatively “low” amount of content in it then that just means I can more quickly put it into my “standard” rotation and dump more time into my other MMO projects/non-MMO games.

I just know full well that it’s likely going to eat up probably a month+ of my time and am trying to preemptively plan accordingly.

Major Glitch

Ah Destiny 2. I went and bought the $100 deluxe edition, and one week later I already regret it. There just isn’t enough game there. Don’t get me wrong, Destiny 2 is fun, but unfortunately the fun is short-lived.
Here’s some unsolicited advice: just play Warframe. It’s better, and it’s free. I’d also point out that Destiny players are flocking to Warframe in droves, not the other way around. In fact, once you get the hang of Warframe, every other game will just seem “slow” to you.