Daybreak is launching a pro league for H1Z1 e-sports

If you were wondering what Daybreak is up to as we have been, wonder no more: It’s been putting together a pro league for H1Z1, which it is now characterizing as a “groundbreaking survival battle royale game.”

“Daybreak Games has partnered with Twin Galaxies, whose new Pro League Division will establish the H1Z1 Pro League for Daybreak’s fast-paced, last-man-standing game, H1Z1. The goal of the league is to create a sustainable esports ecosystem in partnership with teams for the benefit of H1Z1 players, viewers, and League partners. Focused on a ‘player-first’ approach, the H1Z1 Pro League will include a guaranteed player minimum salary, team owner and player representation on the governance committee, along with a comprehensive Player Bill of Rights and a well-defined revenue sharing model. The H1Z1 Pro League will launch its inaugural season in early 2018.”

The studio says it’ll form the league around 15 teams of 5 players that will come together in live 75-person matches over two 10-week splits next year. “There will be no fees or buy-in costs for teams to take part in the league,” Daybreak notes, “and teams will be selected through an application process that will begin this fall.”

Readers will no doubt be recalling that Blizzard has been famously building out its gajillion-dollar Overwatch League, while battle royale game PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been setting Steam records left and right. Readers will also be recalling that Daybreak still hasn’t formally launched either version of H1Z1 out of early access and over a year ago indefinitely delayed both an official launch and its planned console version. Its Steam stats have also taken a beating as PUBG has correlationally gained momentum.

Source: Press release, official site
Update: Daybreak has clarified that the teams will be “15 teams of 5 players that will come together in live 75-person matches,” so we’ve amended our original post.
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Is there really enough player-interest (or gamer interest?) in H1Z1 to warrant e-sports “pro league” teams for it?

I’m not being sarcastic in the least — I just never got the impression that the game was that big of a gaming draw.

But hey, I know that my personal gaming circle does not represent the entire gaming world, so I’m asking.


If they had managed to officially launch a polished product this past spring, then yes there definitely would have been that type of interest to warrant a pro e-sports league. However, since that time PUBG has come along, and quite clearly has seen far more active development than H1Z1 -plus it also has a publisher with a huge presence in the Asian market as well- leaving Daybreak’s move here looking like they’re trying to sell 8 track cassette players circa 1985: their opportunity has passed, and they blew it.


“There will be no fees or buy-in costs for teams to take part in the league,”

I don’t think they will have any trouble coming up with the 15 teams they are looking for. As for them getting anyone to watch, well I don’t think they will have much luck with that.

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My comment can be summed up with this quote:

“If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

So there’s that.

Melissa McDonald

“It’s easy to love folly in a child.” – Merlin, EXCALIBUR


Another day, another moment of movie nostalgia, another like for Melissa.


With all the recent use of only H1Z1 word when DBG is talking about their Battle Royale shooter, I am pretty sure we will hear announcement druring TwitchCon about changing name of this game from H1Z1: King of the Kill to only H1Z1. Which is strange, as there is no H1Z1 virus in this title and yet the game which has it according to lore, dropped H1Z1 word from its name and is called now Just Survive…

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This is so much more exciting than any actual movement towards launching the game…

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Jack Pipsam

Why do I get the feeling all of this investment will someday backfire and suck ’em dry?

Sally Bowls

It’s the only financially significant game they have atm. I don’t see anything else as being better to push. And I doubt they have the capital (and perhaps expertise) to do something as risky as launch a new game.

So take your least-worst horse, flog it as long and as hard as you can and ride it till it dies. Actually, ride it into the Sunset.


Yep. Thats their business model at present. I wouldn’t be surprised if a few years from now the investment group just sells off what ever they can after they have bled the studio dry.

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… (Not sure if I can conjure up something meaningful to say here LOL)