Elder Scrolls Online previews its ‘choose-your-adventure’ Asylum Sanctorium raid

When the Clockwork City DLC launches in Elder Scrolls Online on October 23rd, at least for the PC master race, one of the more interesting bits will arrive in the form of a new trial known as the Asylum Sanctorium. If you’ve got the numbers and gear for the raid, you’ll get to see first hand the de facto prisons of three of the most revered Tribunal Temple saints, now mechanical constructs powered by the soul gems containing the saints’ immortal souls and twisted into madness.

ZeniMax is calling the raid a “choose-your-own-adventure style of Trial” because you can take it on in the order you choose and in combination with mode selection thereby set your own level of difficulty.

“The Asylum Sanctorium is a new type of Trial for both veteran and rookie groups,” the studio says. “Like previous Trials in The Elder Scrolls Online, this new challenge requires 12-players and a high level of coordination and communication in order to complete. However, this new challenge also has two big differences: It only has three bosses total and allows you to pick how you want to take them on.”


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Have a bit of extra time on my hands, trying to decide between returning to wow or ESO. WoW i can catch up on all of the lore I missed out on for most of this x-pack. ESO I have an x-pack + DLC to catch up on. Both are calling to me, so i’m stuck in the middle lol.

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Every time I read “choose your own adventure” I remember those Goosebumps books where you make choices and turn to the page…. reminds me of dying non-stop and backtracking.