Final Fantasy XI’s October update improves gear purchasing and skillchains

Can I reach Abyssea? Stranger things have happened.

You would think that if you’ve been playing Final Fantasy XI long enough to care about skillchains, you would probably have memorized the various ways that weaponskills interact by now. But if for whatever reason you just have a hard time recalling which weaponskill has which element, the latest patch adds that directly into the help text for skills. This may seem like a little change, but for a game that had traditionally been about as transparent as obsidian with its mechanics, it’s a welcome change.

The patch also decreases the bayld prices for gear from the Peacekeepers’ Coalition while increasing the item level for that same gear. Plus there are the usual changes to Ambuscade, a new Ark Angel alter ego to complete the set, adjustments to quality of life, and so forth. So jump on in and get to work now that you can actually remember how to chain Guillotine with other weapon skills.


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Skai R

Man, I wish square would release a FFXI 2.0. Updated graphic, UI and combat system!

Chris Moss

I would play that in a heart beat. I am kinda in a slump with current MMOs. Even FFXIV is not pulling me in like it used to ; ;


This is one of the main reasons why I respect Square Enix. They actually care about their games. Although considering that FFXI still has a decent playerbase, I guess it’s not surprising that they would still be releasing content for it.
One thing that I don’t like about Square Enix though is that they tend to not make convenient changes just because they don’t feel like it. This is one of those things that they could’ve added a long time ago, yet they didn’t. They really don’t like letting the player know information. FFXIV crit chance being one of those things. You have a crit rating, but you’d need to attack a dummy 10k times to get a reasonable percentage out of it. Spell speed is similar, but at least you can see the impact it does in the tooltip as far as I can remember.

Still, this is a step in the right direction.