Halloween 2017: Dark and Light, Villagers & Heroes, and MapleStory

Halloween comin’ at ya fast, so fast even we can’t keep up.

In Dark and LightGobboween has descended on the gameworld. Expect prowling wolves, enchanted jack-o-lanterns, pumpkin seeds, elite teleporting mobs, candy, and even a scythe tool if you want to run around ganking people while pretending to be the grim reaper.

In Villagers & Heroes, won’t you take me to Funky Spooky Town? There’s a new zone map for Spooky Town, plus new cosmetics and a spider mount.

And in MapleStory, the Midnight Monster Bash begins on October 18th. It’s got returning dungeons, the new Cat of All Trades event, a music festival, and the Halloween Bash itself, with trick-or-treating and candy. Nexon is even teasing Thanksgiving already!

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I’m going to reminisce for a moment and lament the loss of Glitch. I had so muchFUN during Zilloween. I remember hosting a Halloween Trivia event while everyone was exchanging candy. One of the devs popped into the zone just as I was asking “What movie is this from: PLUG IT UP! PLUG IT UP!”

The Dev said something along the lines of “came for the bug, stayed for the plug” it was a great Glitch moment (Glitch had in-game tools that made event hosting very easy for players, such as an item where you could attach a prize to a keyword, so the first person to say the keyword would win).