PSA: Wurm Online is dirt cheap in the Humble ‘Endless RPG Lands’ Bundle


Sandbox fans, if you’ve never tried Wurm Online, you’re about to get a pretty cheap chance, as Wurm Online – specifically, its Wurm Unlimited edition – is currently dirt cheap in the Humble Bundle’s Endless RPG Lands¬†package, basically a buck unless you pony up more to get a few other classics.

Wurm Unlimited is the 2015 standalone version of MMORPG¬†Wurm Online, a graphics-challenged but mechanically impressive full-scale sandbox. Don’t want to deal with official servers or toxic players? Build your own server and go live there.

Most recently, the game patched in a new highway system, new buildable items, waystones, village settings, and deed tweaks.

Source: Humble Bundle, official site. Thanks to Marnick, Agemyth, and Francois!
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