Trion Worlds entices players to support Extra Life charity with in-game rewards

This will not be fine.
If you haven’t heard already, tomorrow marks the start of a massive gaming marathon called Extra Life that will help raise much-needed funds to aid sick kids at the Children’s Miracle Network hospital. Among those forming teams and playing titles for this charity is Trion Worlds, which is encouraging its community to rally around this worthy cause.

Trion’s Extra Life marathon begins tomorrow afternoon, during which the dev team will stream non-stop for 24 hours. To encourage and entice players to join the team in this fundraising effort, Trion is offering a bounty of virtual goods based on the amount of money raised.

Rewards start as low as $25 and pay out in prizes in all of Trion’s titles, including ArcheAge, RIFT, Trove, Defiance, Atlas Reactor, and Devilian (yes, Devilian still exists). At the top tier of rewards ($500 raised or more), players can net some pretty incredible rewards, such as a year of patron time on a fresh start server in ArcheAge, a complete Devilian pack, a year’s subscription in RIFT, and a Hyper Pinata Ex mount in Trove.

Those who play for the full 24 hours (ironically at the cost of their own health) can earn some extra rewards regardless of the funds raised.

Source: Defiance

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…Is a ‘Hot tub and fishing pond’ really -that- high in worth to be comparable to a year’s worth of sub time in ArcheAge?

It is cool that they do this yearly though. I know it was a really big popular event in RIFT years ago when I was still playing, and it’s cool to see it’s still going + been spread out to their other titles.

Robert Mann

Who knows, some people might want it. I certainly don’t know how hot a commodity that may be… but generally anything exclusive with no other method to getting it is hot stuff in games.

Shiro Madoushi

It’s one of those P2W items that increases how much gold you can make each day. I believe they were selling them for $100 each.

Celestrata Bloodsong

People love those things because they’re pretty rare. Shiro is right that those items only made it in to our top-end Archeum packs, but a bit wrong in function. The Hot Tub can reset your sleeping cooldown once per day so you can earn back a tiny bit more labor from sleeping. It’s good, but it’s not gold crushingly good.

Otherwise, if those aren’t your thing, there is always the year of patron time. ^_^

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Cool! I am doing extra life again this year, but not at the time they are, at the time it’s actually going for. Am excited. Got my sister and my children in to help me out too :)