World of Warplanes 2.0 introduces conquest mode, bombers, and respawn

World of Warplanes

Live in World of Warplanes this week is a 2.0 reboot that’s striving to be more than just another patch. Wargaming is calling it a “massive overhaul” with “core gameplay changes,” in addition to a new game mode, bomber class, and revised warplane types.

“Introducing the Conquest mode, World of Warplanes’ gameplay banks a steep turn from dominating in team deathmatch to achieving tactical superiority over a land area divided into key sectors. The outcome of a battle is not determined by personal skill, but by the well-coordinated efforts of a team consisting of several different warplane classes. To emphasize the roles of various classes, each of them has been redefined to fulfill specific roles in combat, with highly distinguished advantages and disadvantages. Finally, the aircraft fleet welcomes Bombers, a long-awaited class that will have specific objectives in every battle.”

There’s a new respawn system too, so downed pilots can jump back into the fray. Definitely worth a peek if you’re into war games! And don’t miss the trailer down below.

Source: Press release, official site
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Melissa McDonald

I know I’m in the minority but I found this game to be much more enjoyable than War Thunder. For a few simple reasons, 1) graphics are better, 2) Planes are more historically accurate (WT has you taking to the skies without insignia, which you have to unlock – no combat pilot ever had to do that, not to mention the completely unhistorical scrawls you can put on your plane), 3) WT has a more realistic mission mode, and an arcade mode – the more realistic mode is good, but the arcade mode is terrible. World of Warplanes is more arcady, but it’s way better than WT’s arcade mode. It’s kind of in the middle I guess.

There is only one real downside to WoWP to me, and that’s head-on collisions in the sky seem a lot more frequent than they do in WT. Now, the pilots themselves are mostly to blame for that, but there’s got to be some game mechanics reason why as well.

Unfortunately they have failed to attract a very big audience, it’s a shame, because the game looks amazing, and it’s genuinely fun to play.

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I agree – the arcade feel of the controls is what keeps me coming back to this game over WoT. I jump in whenever I visit my parents. My 65-year-old father only plays this game with a joystick when I’m in the room with him, but having a co-op MMO experience with him has been awesome!

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Rees Racer

If I’m going to play one air-combat game (and that’s all I have time to play), then it’s going to be War Thunder. I appreciate what Wargaming is trying to do, because this mode still suffers woefully compared to Tanks and Warships. I’m afraid it’s too late for me to switch over at this point, unless the controls have improved to such a degree that it makes it MUCH better than what War Thunder offers. I’ve been flying my bombers in that game for a few years now.

Incidentally, I was really enjoying the Galactic Assault portion in the Star Wars Battlefront 2 open-beta weekend, but even the joy and lure of dogfighting with TIE Fighters (and X-Wings to a lesser extent) was severely dampened by the inclusion of P2W loot crates in a £/€/$ 60 game…seriously.


It’s about time this game got an overhaul! Now, if they could just market it better and get more players in.