Champions Online’s Blood Moon rises once more this Halloween

Hang in there folks: The relentless onslaught of MMO Halloween events still has another couple of weeks to go before we emerge with our treat bags full and a desire to never see another Jack-O-Lantern again.

For now, let it suffice to say that Champions Online has activated its annual Blood Moon event, flooding the game world with zombies who need a good walloping. While there’s no new activities this year, Champions does have a few cool rewards to chase, such as the bat mask, neck bolts, spooky aura, or a machete costume.

Need a refresher course on what Blood Moon entails? Take a trip back in time to watch a 2009 developer diary on the event after the break!

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So I bought the lifetime subscription back during the anniversary event because I realized that I really like designing superheroes, crafting their power sets, and dreaming up detailed backstories. It’s like no matter how disappointing the game turned out from when I started playing in 2011, my superhero universe revolves around friggin’ Millennium City. Then the special events and super fast leveling you can get from participating in them simply make the game fun to play. The constant client crashes make the game difficult to play. The fact that it’s not getting new content of any significance makes it disheartening to predict the game’s future. Nevertheless, it is fun. In fact, killing undead superheroes with 20 other random, unique heroes in public quests herds zerging around the city map has an appeal for me that no other game can offer. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve been playing the game nightly for two months. Anyway, holiday events are the best times to try the game out.

Simon Morris

“Take a trip back in time to watch a 2009 developer diary on the event after the break”

That says it all really doesn’t it – when to advertise an upcoming Champions-Online event in-game in 2017 – you have to dig up an article from quite so far back.