Dark and Light encourages you to beat up goblins for sweet, sweet candy


Back in September, Massively OP went deep undercover to bring players a shocking exposé on how Dark and Light subtly conditions players to become bullies by beating up and then enslaving the local goblin population. We thought it could get no worse… until now.

With the advent of Gobboween, there’s a new reason to take out latent aggression on the game’s goblin population: candy. Yes, now you’re actually beating up cute and mostly innocent creatures for their sweet snacks, an activity that the developers wholeheartedly encourage. And because it isn’t ridiculous enough, you can even use candy as ammunition in a special weapon.

If that isn’t enough excitement to fill your breeches, Dark and Light dropped a smallish patch today that added a new telescope recipe, allowed players to craft even more stone arrows at once (dangerously escalating the Stone Arrow Cold War), and beefed up rewards from trekking through the Ice Caves with friends.

Source: Patch notes

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Glad I found out about this game. I would love to try it out soon after my assignmenthelp project.

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The HORROR! what despicable devs to want people to beat up the most ADORABLE creatures in their game!! lol