MMO Week in Review: Warframe’s first steps into a larger world (October 15, 2017)

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Warframe took another step closer to being an MMORPG this week with the launch of its Plains of Eidolon expansion, which introduced an open-world landscape feel to zones and a slew of MMO-like questing options.

In Final Fantasy XIV, the latest housing crisis was met by apologies from no less than Naoki Yoshida.

And on the business end of things, the ESRB declined to classify lockboxes as gambling, Blizzard sued another Chinese ripoff, and IGN bought out the Humble Bundle company.

Read on for the very best of this week’s MMO news and opinions.


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Zen Dadaist

Been playing pretty serious amounts of Warframe again since I got a friend to play in the run up to PoE.

I love the Plains in concept, it just needs work in the execution. Because this is such a huge departure from what DE have been doing up until now, it’s a brand new game design area for them. Consequently I’m cutting them a lot of slack and expecting there to be many rounds of fixes and changes to tweak things. I have patience, and in the meantime I’m busy exploring and flying around and spearing whoppers and redoing loadouts and helping the newbie and working out crafting and welcoming old players back and catching up on new Primes and watching Twitch streams and and and…

If you want a hassle-free kick off for anything in the Plains, have the person you want to host pull the bounty alone and then zone into the Plains alone set to Friends/Invite only (NOT SOLO). Then they invite the rest of the squad once they’ve loaded in. It won’t matter who is in which Cetus instance or whatever, or even if you’re bothering with bounties at all. (Tip: for better resource gathering – more Iradite in nodes etc – pull a high level bounty and just… don’t go and trigger it :p )

Dug From The Earth

Ive played Warframe off an on for the past 3? years or so. I havent played in about 8 months however, so coming back now, there are a TON of new things, not even including Eidolon.

Having a blast, and loving the changes and new additions.

My only gripe, as an existing player, is that they do a HORRIBLE job at really walking you through new system changes and functionality. Im guessing new players get walked through a nice tutorial on how things work, but since the game sees me as more of a vet (lol hahah), it seems to do a “figure it out yourself” approach.


Yeah, and I’m not a huge fan of how Junctions are forced on -everyone- even if I’ve already gone through a majority of planets and connected them previously before the system was incorporated. Just adds extra tedious chores to do in order to unlock quests now that I previously could do without that stuff..


Warframe has become a must, the only MMO I’m playing for about 2 months now.
But the “open world” plains have some issues, most of all:
– you cannot play solo, there may always pop in another player;
– there can only be 4 players max (not in Cetus, mind you, but in the plains);
– if you play with others, you have to RUN all the time or you’ll miss the action;
– if you want to leave early you have to abort the mission and loose most if not all progress.

So the plains are just exactly the same as any other level, and they feel like that. They don’t feel like a truely “open world” as in WOW or other true MMOs.

Still, apart from the lobby/instance structure it’s a great great great game and I’m loving every second in it!

Dug From The Earth

And then when I dont WANT to play solo, the game forces me to (the eidolon intro quest story – which is about 5 stages that all have to be done solo.) Doh!

Lag is another huge issue. They have some serious performance things they need to fix


You can totally play in the Plains solo, just open your interface and select Solo or Invite Only or Friends Only under the matchmaking options same as when doing any other mission. I’ve been doing all my missions in there solo so far, so I can take my time exploring and enjoying the secenery.


I admit i rebooted Warframe and having a blast so far.

Playing this at 4k 60fps on a 970 and it still looks amazing to this day.

Playerbase keeps on growing and i tip my hat for this studio.


One of the neat things about Warframe’s expansion launch was Steve the studio’s Creative Director livestreaming from his desk via Periscope to keep the community constantly updated with progress on testing final builds and prepping for the launch, which was an interesting insight into the whole process and also a great example of how engaged with their game’s community DE are :)

The plains (*cough* hills) themselves look gorgeous, especially at dusk and dawn of their day/night cycle!