MMOs you’ve never heard of: Immortal Thrones, Identity, and Lordmancer II


Welcome back to our intermittent series on MMOs and other multiplayer games you you’ve never heard of! Let’s run down three of them.

Immortal Thrones

First up is Immortal Thrones, a mobile MMO import from Chinese studio Zloong, which is calling the game a 3-D MMO set in a “richly detailed medieval fantasy world.” It’s just launched on both iOS and Android in North America and Europe. Expect four classes, multiple PvP options, and “a merged live-streaming and Location-based Service (LBS) system [that] enables players to find other competitors and engage with them in real time,” which the PR says “makes the game more interactive than the standard MMORPG.”


Next up is Identity, which you probably have heard of since we’ve covered it a few times before. But I forget about this game constantly, so every time it does something, I feel like I’m learning about it all over again. Which is a shame because it’s actually pretty neat – it’s the cops-and-robbers, life-simulation SpatialOS sandbox that’s raised half a million bucks.

Anyhoo, the team at Asylum Entertainment recently picked up a new community manager, who admits that “news surrounding updates on Identity’s progress has been slow,” which is, y’know, probably why I keep forgetting about it. He’s promising more streams and better communication. In the meantime, there’s a modeling vid from a few weeks back.

Lordmancer II

Finally, take a look at Lordmancer II. As the followup to 2008’s Lordmancer, it’s a cute li’l free-to-play mobile MMORPG due out globally early next year, with three races, three classes, turn-based realm battles, real-time PvP, a “vast, expanding open world,” and a focus on economy. A serious focus on economy indeed; Russian studio Active Games says it believes it’s the “first MMORPG where players can mine cryptocurrency in-game.” Its ICO — that is, initial coin offering — is set for a few weeks from now, and if you’re scoffing, maybe also consider that the team says its “pre-ICO round out in just 5 days, raising 334 Ethereum.”

Know of more MMOs we’ve never covered? Drop us a tip! We love to hear about them!


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John Mclain

Two “mobile” games so who gives a crap about them, third I had not heard of before so thats something.

Bryan Turner

Yawn this, nothing else to say.

Robert Mann

The two I hadn’t heard about were mobile MMOs… which explains why I hadn’t heard about them. Because, well, I don’t feel any need to care until mobile can compete with my PC within at least a 20% price increase.

Chosenxeno .

I’m already playing a P2W browser game. Which 2 of these are at their core. I can’t believe people spend in Mobile MMOs on the level that I spend in PC browser games. These games are grindy even if you spend. How are people staring at tiny screens for such a long time?

Tom R

I’d love a mobile MMO that tried to be more than a “Press auto run to do quest” grind-off. I’m not asking for greatness, just a good honest effort to give a shit, please :(

Alex Js.
Kickstarter Donor
Alex Js.

Well, good luck waiting for that… It’s much cheaper and much more profitable to do a very simplistic p2w crapware like those 2 listed “free” games instead of actually putting more effort into something more advanced.

Dušan Frolkovič

Which strongly implies that there is a bigger audience for those games than the more involved ones. Regrettably.