Chronicles of Elyria picks up former Revival lead developer

But at least you never compromised.

Has enough time gone by to start erasing memories of Revival, that ambitious but troubled horror MMO that was canceled back in March 2016? While the project is dead, its developers have forged on — and one has made the jump to another indie MMORPG.

Chronicles of Elyria announced this past week that it picked up Adam Maxwell to become the game’s new lead designer. Previously, Maxwell worked on RIFTStar Citizen, World of Tanks, and Revival (in addition to almost a dozen other titles). Hopefully this new berth will be a good fit for him and Soulbound Studios.

Maxwell says that it was an easy jump from Revival to Elyria: “Half my fun getting to know everyone here has been in asking questions like, ‘So how did you all handle…’ and then randomly picking a feature from Revival. Weather, NPC memory, narrative dynamics… every answer is different from Revival, but they always hit the same mechanical goal. I feel like the two projects are siblings separated at birth. It’s both awesome and eerie at the same time.”

Source: Press release, Chronicles of Elyria. Thanks to everyone who sent this in!

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Huh, well holy shit

Daniel Miller

Even when a mmo launches, it really takes 18-24 month to even play the game well.

Ket Viliano

All these projects suffer from the same problems; idea convergence and over scoping.

The idea for a ‘virtual world’ is pretty well established, everyone has the same wishlist. It is also a very expansive, comprehensive, unbounded scope problem.

When you aim to do everything, you get nothing done.


As a fan of what Revival was looking to do, I’m hoping ‘Snipehunter’ Maxwell can bring some of those ideas to CoE. He’s a great guy. I hope this works out better for him. On the fly, dev run events? Yes please. Good luck to him!