Elder Scrolls Online’s Halloween event this year includes an achievement-based house

When The Elder Scrolls Online launched its very first Halloween event last autumn, it was huge news for a game that largely eschewed real-world holidays in favor of more sedate in-lore events. Fortunately, the event became a trend, and now the Witches Festival is returning to Tamriel.

The event kicks off on Friday, October 20th, and runs until November 1st, complete with a 100% experience buff. Once you grab the associated event item from the cash shop (it’s a freebie, at the cost of only your dignity), you can kick off the Witchmother’s Bargain quest, or if you did it last year, you can just access your old quest item for the buff instead.

Bosses will drop themey loot as well, but probably the best addition is something that simply wasn’t available last year because the system wasn’t in the game yet: a house! Tick off four specific achievements and you’ll be cozying up in a thatch-roof Exorcised Coven Cottage in exchange for some in-game gold. ZeniMax does note that players can also buy the home in the cash shop instead, but it’ll be leaving the cash shop in just a few weeks: “You will not be able to purchase this home for crowns or gold once the event ends, so don’t miss your chance to own this ‘haunt away from home’!”


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roo woods
roo woods

Last years one was better than nothing but a bit lackluster .


Achievement-based house? I’m in!
Edited to add: I already have all the achievements. Yay!


The Hollowjack motifs look quite cool, I tend to use individual pieces like the shield and the bow. Can’t help but think they should have started it on Friday 13th, especially as the new DLC drops on the 23rd.

Kickstarter Donor

Damn, double XP again? Welp, guess I’m at least checking out the questline, never really gotten around to doing the holiday events in ESO. Been meaning to do a bit more than log in just for horse training and my little mini-harvest route once a day, this is a good excuse.


New years was really great an event!