H1Z1 has defeated its ‘King of the Kill’ branding in a last-man-standing battle royale


Looks like at least some of the rumors last week have proven true, as Daybreak is indeed removing the “King of the Kill” branding from H1Z1, meaning the battle royale half of the zombie survival sandbox is now getting the unified game’s original name free and clear.

You’ll recall that in 2016, Daybreak split H1Z1 into two separate games, H1Z1: King of the Kill and H1Z1: Just Survive; this past summer, the company dropped the “H1Z1” from Just Survive’s branding, cutting loose the survival sandbox half of the original split-apart game, and then it announced a pro league for H1Z1 just last week.

“Throughout development we’ve continued to define the vision for H1Z1, which is competitive at its core with fast-paced and action-packed combat,” Daybreak explains. “Over the past year, the game has grown by leaps and bounds in terms of both player base and development, so we thought it was time to evolve the game’s look to something that better represented the spirit of H1Z1 and the level of quality we aspire to. H1Z1 is also the name that our players connect with most, so it was just natural evolution for us to transition back. We’re also working to ensure that H1Z1 can be enjoyed by players around the world, and having the word ‘Kill’ in the name of the game can be limiting with some global audiences.”

Redditors last week were further speculating that the branding switcheroo meant the game was finally launching and going free-to-play as originally planned; indeed, its last announced launch and the console port were originally slated for over a year ago but were delayed indefinitely. But there’s no hard confirmation of either plan today.

“To answer the question many will have: does this mean you’ll be exiting Early Access soon? These updates definitely take us a step closer, but we still have to polish up the core gameplay (with your feedback) before we’re ready for a full launch.”

Source: Official site. With thanks to Kinya/Babagra.pl!
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Slightly off topic, but I logged into Just Survive recently and it looked like a bad beta version of a game. Disappointing.


I seriously have been reading that title as Hill with an H all this time. Just flew right by without my noticing or caring…kind of like the game itself.

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So the game that actually has something to do with zombies loses the zombie themed H1Z1 branding, while the game that has nothing to do with zombies loses everything but the zombie themed H1Z1 branding.

If there’s a better analogy for Daybreak games right now, I don’t know what it would be.


Yup. And the mere fact that “H1Z1 not King of the Hill” is their flagship game says quite a bit as well.

Wilhelm Arcturus

Going back to the original name, and the associations that come with it, won’t be confusing at all. Then again, they’re talking about a professional league for a game they claim is still in early access, so I am not sure that a name change is their biggest challenge.

Also, I chuckle every time somebody thinks Daybreak is ever going to launch another game where you don’t have to pay something up front. Landmark was supposed to be free too, but reality changed that.

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Jack Pipsam

I would be lying if I said the King of the Kill name hadn’t started growing on me, but whatever I guess.


Having never played the King of the Kill portion of the game, do players still have to contend with Zombie NPCs in addition to each other? Just kind of curious if the H1Z1 really means anything to the gameplay itself anymore or is it just using name recognition branding for a game that no longer has anything to do with Zombies created by the H1Z1 virus.


Its only the name.
No Zombies, no virus.