The Black Death outlines the new profession system that starts you off as a plague doctor

There are no medical exams to pass when you start a new character in the next patch of The Black Death. You get to start off right away as a plague doctor near what appears to be the epicenter of the plague ravaging the area, and there’s even a set of quests introducing the many skills available to you. Once you’ve gotten through those quests – or just struck off on your own if you’re experienced with the game – the new profession system should allow you to mix-and-match your choice of skills to create whatever sort of profession you like.

The new system has eight professions with a grand total of 117 skills to unlock, and players can mix and match as desired. If you want to become the best plague doctor around, you can; if you want to split off and focus on farming, you can. And if you want to build a profession that’s a bizarre hybrid of farmer, hunter, and plague doctor? That’s totally all right as well. Our own MJ will be streaming the game after the patch drops on Thursday, so if you want to see it all in action, keep your eyes peeled.

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Huh, so they’re changing up the class system and instead letting you more just pick what you want out of the 8 classes? Interesting. That sounds pretty cool, though does take away from the flavor of picking a specific role and playing to it. I guess there are ups and downs and overall this is probably a net positive. Guess I should give the game a look again since it’s been a long while.


*Pigtails imagine 100’s of PC’s running around in lab coats and stethoscopes lining up for various quests in the starting zone*

…I suppose it could be worse and start you off as plague lawyers. o.O


How do you “become the best plague doctor around”? You introduce hygiene, quarantine, flea killing, healthy nutrition for all in dry, clean living conditions?
You sell people the Bible or quackery concoctions? I genuinely curious, there aren’t too many options depending on perspective of “best”.

Knox Harrington

Obligatory meme is obligatory

Knox Harrington



“You’re not foolin’ anyone, you know!”